King of Swings offers complete or partial playscaping services to our playset customers who not only have their children’s safety in mind, but also desire a manicured, landscaped appearance around the playground area.  We are happy to provide a written price quote along with you playset purchase order.

King of Swings recommends that the playscaping project not be undertaken until after the actual playset has been installed. King of Swings only delivers playscaping services on the same day your playset is installed.


Here are some common considerations

  • Playscaping with child safe mulch will cushion your child’s fall.  Although boo-boos may never be eliminated from a child's play experience playscaping a playground area will certainly minimize their occurrence and severity
  • Placing the playset in a lush grassy area without playscaping is perfectly acceptable. The only negatives of grass are that kids may eventually kill the grass by constantly playing in area under the swings and at the end of slides and of course,  mowing the grass around the various playset component can be a chore during the growing season. 
  • Playscaping creates a neat , well manicured aesthetic around the playset thereby enhancing the appearance of your property.



  1. Define a safe play perimeter around the playset taking into consideration the safety buffer recommend for specific play equipment.
  2. Create the perimeter by laying and securing 6x6, ground contact rated, pressure treated timbers along the natural slope of the area.  Upon a customer request King of Swings will substitute &  install commercial grade rubber timbers to set the perimeter.
  3. King of Swings does not possess the equipment or expertise to level or smooth ground by moving soil. Please seek the assistance of a professional landscaper if you want that service.
  4. The area will then be thoroughly covered with landscaping "weed-block-fabric", which allows water to drain but not grass or weeds to grow through.
  5. Finally, the area will be covered with 6-8” deep “Child Safe” wood bark mulch (rubberized much is also available upon request).