Q1: What kind of wood do you use and why do recommend it?

All playsets are made of pressure-treated (ACQ) southern yellow pine. This is the type of pressure-treated pine approved by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Products Safety Commission for public playground use. In addition, we plane, route, sand, cut, drill, and inspect every board for maximum safety and aesthetics. When compared to redwood or cedar, pressure treated yellow pine is stronger, last longer.

Q2: Is any advance ground leveling or site preparation necessary prior to the installation of a playset?

None whatsoever.


Q3: Is there a warranty on King of Swings playsets?

Of course. We offer a 20 year warranty on all treated wood products and a 2 year warranty on everything else!

Q4: Is a site visit by King of Swings personnel to evaluate space and/or terrain levelness necessary or recommended prior to the installation of a playset?

A site inspection is usually not needed for most playset installations because the King of Swings in-grounding technique and proprietary modular playset designs can be adapted to most any slope or ground condition. We do however recommend a site inspection if any of the following conditions exist in the immediate proximity of the desired installation location; 1) Extreme Slope, 2) Objects that may impede installation or prevent safe play (e.g. large stones, trees, thorny shrubs, retaining walls, fences etc.).


Q5: Can I start with a smaller playset and add on to it later?

Yes. most King of Swings playground sets are designed to be modular. Starting with a basic set does not limit future options. Almost all playsets we offer can be added to or enlarged at any time in the future.

Q6: If I move, can I take the playset with me?

Absolutely yes! King of Swings will move any playset we manufacture for a service fee. The fee is dependent on the size of your playset and the distance between the current and the new location.


Q7: Even though King of Swings prices are already super competitive, are there ever any special sales or discounts offered?

King of Swings strives to offer our customers the best price at all times. However, we do offer sales at certain times of the year.

Q8: Although there is almost an infinite amount of playset configurations, can you provide us with a general range of prices?

80% of our classic designs fall within a range of $1,000 to $2,500, although there are some playsets both above and below that range..


Q9: Are King of Swings playsets available in kit form for Do-It-Yourselfers?

Yes, all playsets can be picked up or delivered to you in kit form. When a playset is ordered in kit form to be installed by the customer:

  • All wood is pre-cut and pre-drilled.
  • Many components are pre-assembled (we try to minimize loose wood).
  • Basic instructions step-by-step directions are provided.

Q10: Can playground accessories be purchased separately?

Yes, from swings and slides to steering wheels and telescopes (and everything in between) can be purchased separately. But keep in mind that all King of Swings playsets come standard with a full complement of playground accessories.


Q11: How long has King of Swings been in business?

We have been in operation since 1988 and have physically been at the same location in Norcross, GA all these years.

Q12: Is there a way to see or play on a King of Swings playset in real life before I decide to buy?

Absolutely! You are welcome to stop buy our showroom! Kids - bring your parents because there's lots of play with in the show room! 


ADDRESS:  5182-D Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA 30071